Friday, March 30, 2012

Potential MegaMillions Winner here - I'm Hoping!

Hey's getting a little exciting here in Texas and every other state that is playing MegaMillions!

Look at this!!  Can you just imagine winning! 


If you read my tweets you know what I'll be doing!!  

"I'm going into hiding with TheHubs and enjoying my permanent vacation!" - fifiybr

 Hopefully the next post that goes up will be from my secret location, with pictures of me swimming in a pool of cash and coins, you know like Uncle Scrooge McDuck.....What?? a girl can dream! Ok, Ok I wouldn't be that cruel.

  I'm in a pool of tickets at work and TheHubs bought some just for us.  
Well I'm keeping my fingers, legs, arms and toes crossed.<<<squeal>>>

Good Luck!!

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  1. Same here, getting ready to go and buy mine! Hey I'm not greedy - I 'd share with 640 other folks and still be happy :)


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