Tuesday, March 29, 2011

omg really!!

I'm just gonna go out and throw this out there.....but do we as a society really need another "Wives" reality show.   I saw the preview for Mob Wives!  Frankly, these women scared me and thank GOD they are not my neighbors..lol!!  More wives.....really! Come on, we have wives of this or that city, we have wives of basketball players, rap stars!  What's next - "This week on Wives of Dealership mechanics."   ok if someone decides to make a show on Dealership mechanic wives, just know it was my idea first.....so give me my money!! ☺

I've just been sucked into too many reality shows......my eye's hurt, my heart hurts, and my head hurts.   Can I just say that the Jersey Shore finale was kind of weak sauce.....instead of This season on Jersey Shore it should have been this season on Love is not a Shore thing!!  Every episode was about RoidRageRon and TheSweetestBitch you'll ever meet Sam!!   I think I'm done with them!! lol!!  This show was my guilty pleasure..... :(

I think I'll just stick to my drama shows for a while!

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