Monday, March 28, 2011

Ok, I'm Back!!

I am back from the evil clutches of "TheFlu", okay maybe it still has like one claw still on me!!  This cough is no joke!   Being sick for the past hundred days, really it was only 7 but it truly sucked and felt much longer!  Honey and I were both out sick and stuck in bed!  I can't believe how quickly it spread to him, I got it Sat. then he got it Sun. really bad.  
I just want to thank the heavens for meds.  Thank you to NyQuil, Dayquil and Halls....I may have damaged my liver but I feel soooooo much!! Oh yeah....with all this science and the never ending discoveries...why can't NyQuil taste like soda or maybe candy?  I mean I know I'm not the only one that ever thinks that, right?

While being sick and stuck in bed I was able to do some reading..... I'm a sucker for paranormal and fantasy so these are the books I read.

From Nicky Charles - indie Writer/Publisher:
  1. The Mating
  2. The Keeping
  3. The Finding

I looooooooooooooved these books.  So check them out.   Right now I'm rereading all of Amanda Hocking's books.  I ♥ her books as well.  Check them out too.

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