Thursday, March 31, 2011

Breast Feeding Doll or (in my best european accent) BeBe Gloton!!

Since when was just being a kid not cool any more? 

This is not new news, I've seen this before but it seems to have become more popular in recent days.  I have to say that this is the worst toy ever!!   I don't have children, but my honey and I combined have 18 nieces and nephews.  So my opinion should be a valid one, right?   

I'm all about showing kids about life, but not like this.   Toy makers have been making products for years that simulate real life....  mini lawnmowers, tea sets, vacuum cleaners, dolls that you feed, dolls that wet themselves, even cars.   But I believe this Breast Milk Baby has just gone to far.   I guess long gone are the days for the little bottles that when you turn upside down the milk disappears. 

The only priority for kids, is to just be a kid!!  They have to be kids before they can be grown ups!!

Why is society trying to make them grow up faster.  I hear parents all the time say, "I wish my kid was still little!"  Well quit buying all this adult stuff for them, let them play outside, let them use their imagination, let them play with kids, let them read books, let them be creative!  Now a days all kids want to do is play video games, watch television, be inside!  Let's make a change people!

I'm not saying the the doll will be the direct cause of Teen pregnancy, that's already the daily situation in most cities.  This doll should be serving as a tool for older women who will be going through this, not a toy for little girls.  It's just sad to see people so young, struggling to make it if they have no one to help them.

The company that makes the dolls had this to say:

"The whole purpose of the Breast Milk Baby is to teach children the nurturing skills they will need to raise their own healthy babies in the future." "We really do not understand why this has created such a controversy."

Oh, I don't know....maybe because little girls shouldn't be breast feeding!!   Morons!!!  What's next, is this company gonna make toys that show kids how to make the baby, you know since they're already preparing the kid to breast feed!!  Geez!!

Parents just have to keep watch on what's out there for their kids!!  Sometimes I'm scared to even think about bringing a baby into this world.

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