Monday, December 12, 2011

Why O why!!

Someone please answer me this!  

Why would someone leave a $13 million inheritance to a CAT?  His name is Tomasso.
Cash, property in Rome, Milan and land in some place called Calabria.
Here is the story if you'd like to read it.


Oh don't get me wrong I have two adopted cats that I ♥ so much.  I love cats and dogs, and fish and turtles but I would definitely be leaving that cash to some real people. Maybe some less fortunate people!! Yes, this was a rescued stray cat but really $13 mil......I think maybe $100,000 would've been suffice and I'm being generous.

This is just to insane, it hurts my my heart knowing that this cat has all of this! What is he gonna go skiing, visit Hollywood or learn how to speak HUMAN!!  I'm sure this 93 year old lady was super nice and just amazing, but how can you not be aware of poverty. I'm sure there is poverty in Rome.

Still shaking my head on this unfair!

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  1. OK I love love my animals but I would never leave 13 mil to my dogs. I would make sure they were provided for and if I did not have family i would leave it to a homeless and animal shelters....Calabria is a beautiful place in the southern part of Italy the tippy toe of the boot.


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