Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Laugh!! - dane cook shark and bees

 I needed a laugh this afternoon!!  This day has been dragging, I'm sooo ready for the weekend. 
 If you need a laugh too then by all means press play!! 

CAUTION : there are a lot of curse words! I'm just warning people that may be offended by these bad words.

This stick figure animation always cracks me up!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! Get finished Christmas shopping, enjoying a movie or what ever makes you Happy!  


  1. found you VIA hop-along-friday
    check me out at if you get a chance, I'd LOVE another follower <3

  2. So nice to meet you, I have just found your lovely blog through the blog hop this weekend wonderful to join in. I'm now following you hope you visit me and follow back so nice to find new friends to catch up with. Have a great day.
    Always Wendy

  3. Stopping by to say Thanks for linking up to our blog hop on Monday, Love U! I have been super busy and just getting around to saying Thanks. I checked and am already following you thru GFC so at least I did do that I guess on an earlier visit. Hope to see you back soon.


  4. I'm a new follower from the blog hop, please stop by mine too.
    I loved the shark and bees you tube, it was hysterical...


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