Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas, Christmas time is here!!

I know you were just singing the title....lol!
I love that song!  

Are you ready for Christmas?  I am soooo ready.  I totally ♥ the holiday season.  Can you believe that  there are only 26 more days till Christmas? What makes it even more Christmas-y (yeah I added a "y") is we finally got the chilly weather....32º this morning wooo-hooo!! Now if it would only snow. Highly unlikely...booo.

The house is pretty much decorated, I'm just adding all the finishing touches!!  Here is our Christmas Tree, up and festive and patiently waiting for the gifts. Which will not be put under the tree because of 2 certain nosey, no rule following, sneaky felines - 
Stella and Ms. Betty! bad kitties (",)

Christmas Tree 2011

I've only had one problem while putting up decorations.  Being the impatient patient person that I am, I wanted to hurry and put the lights out before it rained on Saturday.  We have a string of lights that's like an extra we use for its light bulbs and it's always put at the end where I really don't  have to have lights on. It works out perfect because I can just tuck the unused non working lights  behind one of the plants near the plug.  Well it rained and I never put in bulbs in the 3 of the empty sockets. I didn't even think of it.  Saturday evening after all the rain was done with I plugged them in and they were on, no biggie...well when I went to unplug them for the night, they were off. I have no idea when they went off.  Let just say I had to change out that string of lights!! Boo!!! No fun at all!   I started to swap out the lights for one of the new boxes that I bought.  I'm so glad I decided to start changing the non-working lights at the next string, not where they were plugged in and nicely hidden, because when I got to the end of the string I was short about 6 feet of string from where they were plugged in - since my favorite store in the whole wide world - Hobby Lobby decided to change the C-9 lights from HL brand to the GE brand and jack up the price to 9.99 -Thank you!! Same amount of bulbs, just set closer together....eek!  So I had to rig up another extension cord!! Very frustrating!! And it's orange, no way to hide that, I'm gonna have to go and buy another green cord.  So instead of 3 string of lights now I have to use  5 string of lights to do the one side!! ugh!!!!!!!  Do I sound whiny??  That's fine!!  It was just annoying!! But it's done, so now I can enjoy my lights till the New Year!

What was one disastrous episode you've had with the Christmas Tree or while decorating !!

Hmm... I have so many stories but my favorite would have to be when I was 6.  We lived 3 houses down from my grandmother, we were having dinner and daddy told me to run to the house and plug in the Christmas tree lights.  Shouldn't take me more than 5 minutes.    So I ran home and got on my belly to crawl on the side of the tree, well I guess I was a little to close because I bumped it and it came toppling over on top of me....yup it was insane. Well this was a monstrous tree, it was heavy and completely full of lights, tinsel, glass ornaments, you name it it was in the tree! Well good thing my dad wasn't too far behind, I would have been there a while, if he hadn't of thought it would of probably been hard for me to get to the plug.  Sadly every things was broken!!  I was okay, just a little scraped up from the tree needles.  But we went out the next day and bought more ornaments and I was never allowed to touch the plug ever again. I didn't either...it wasn't till I was 19 and I was moved out on my own.

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  1. Pretty Tree! And we keep a water gun in hand for our bad little kitty Ascher (pronounced asher). I have to admit that even though she hates it, we laugh when she gets sqirted.

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  4. Thanks for sharing your final results even though it was a challenge to get there! Oh Christmas tree misadventures! (and naughty kitties). Thanks for sharing at the Winter Wonderland party at my place!

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  7. Your tree looks great! When I was younger, I remember that my parents bought a treed that was entirely too big! So big that my dad had to brace the tree to the wall with twine...or else it would completely fall over. We still laught about it to this day :)

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