Monday, November 7, 2011

My late FridayFinds!!

This post was for last Friday, but my phone was acting up and I couldn't get the pictures.  Well while out on my lunch break I went to one of the local resale shops. I really wasn't planning on buying anything I was just "browsing", lol!!  While there I found this cute little desk.

I absolutely love it!! When I first came upon it, there was a big mirror on it.  I was soooo hoping that it was under $50 bucks.  I have been looking for a small desk for my craft room for a while.  I refused to pay full price for a new one. I'm so glad I decided to go there for lunch.  Because I'm sure it wouldn't have been there long.  When I removed the big mirror from the top, to my hearts delight I saw a sticker price of $40.00!  I quickly called over an attendant and told them I'd take it.  

I paid for it and had them load it into my truck!  Yay for me!!  I really wish that it had come with a chair.  That's not a problem but I was just wishing.  Can't wait to get it upstairs in its new home - my craft room!


  1. Nice desk! Thank you for joining Planet Weidknecht's Weekend Hop. I am following you and hope to see you again soon.

  2. Very cute desk. And GREAT deal on it! You never know what you can find while 'browsing'.

  3. Stopping by to say Thanks so much for taking the time to join our blog hop, Love U!, I really appreciate the support. I came over and found out I was already following you so I wanted to leave a comment and hope that it helps with your stats. I will continue to come back as long as the list stays small as I know when it grows I won't have time. But for now, I will come back each week. Hope to see ya next week and have a wonderful week!



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