Thursday, July 7, 2011

yay....a small milestone! This is my 50th post!! (big whoop, right)

Wow, 50 posts!  It only took me like 8 months to do it! lol! Well whatever......

So, down here near Houston we've been getting very small rain showers.....It like pours in one area and does nothing in another!!  That nothingness is generally located around my house!!  REALLY!!  Come on clouds.....make some rain, my plants are thirsty for it!  Yes, we water but nothing is better than the rain.  Well I hope it rains over my house today.....highly unlikely, but a gal can wish.... right!

Well, I'm working on a new sewing project....(pictures will be up soon)!  I'm refashioning a summer dress, I had to buy it! Well that was 2 years ago, lol! It was on clearance for 5 bucks...yay!!   Why are you refashioning it, you ask.... well it's like 5 feet too long, and I'm very short....thanks mom!!  Why did I get stuck at like 5 nothing and my sister is 5'5 annnnnd I'm older than her.....('~')....okay that's for another day!!   Back to the dress..... it's way too long and the top is some elastic-e thing with two strings that tie around your neck.  1) i have no neck. 2) the girls can pop out unexpectedly.....which probably wouldn't be a problem for some....but I have dignity....and my gals don't like to be exposed like!

okay....i got a pic....of the before!!

....I'll post more later.....

Hope everyone that reads my blog has a great day....I know people are reading...just wish they would leave a comment!! ☺

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