Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This week is already dragging!

(hmmm my spell checker is not working, so I'm sorry for any words that are spelled wrong!  I rely too much on spell check)   (",) <----

Only because I'm on vacation next week! yay!!!!!

We haven't quite reached our millionaire status, lol!  So, until then I have to work and I'm gonna be ridiculously impatient....And I have to be at work...communicating with people I really don't enjoy talking to, lol!! So hurry up Friday!! 

This year we're keeping our vacation local....which is great! Texas is a big ole state with sooooo much to do!! So we're gonna enjoy our home state! 

Well, this past weekend was awesooooome!!!  Why you ask, Hello Harry Potter!!  Yes, I'm a big nerd!  This movie was so good and I'm sad that it's ending.  Oh well...HP couldn't go on forever!   I guess I'll just reread the books!

There are soooo many Summer movies that I want to watch.....and most are chick flicks!!   I'm glad that my honey will take me and watch the movie with me!!  Any who, I saw the preview for the new Sherlock Holmes.... \(",)/  AWESOME...  I can't wait till Christmas!  One movie I "will not" be watching is the new Final Destination -  I'm a big weenie when it comes to this kind of movie. lol!

So, what's your favorite movie or what are you waiting to see?

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