Wednesday, December 29, 2010

wow, this is kind of scary!

Well this is my very first Blog....  Yes, I'm late with all of the Internet blogging thing.  I told myself I would start a blog and do something quite amazing, different, and exciting.  Of course this was all after seeing the movie Julie&Julia....I was like hey, if she could do something that was so cool and out there then maybe I could too!! 

Sadly that never happened!  I started my spring semester of college and I was taking an Drama now I think I just want to be famous and be in movies and make lots of money and so on... but that's kind of a hard thing to do!!   So we'll see where that road leads.   Even if I never become some A-list actress I just want to be in a movie....just to know how to do it.   I'm not talking like porno....gross! lol!!   But a real MOVIE!!   Maybe be an extra in one of George Clooney's movie....(he's pretty hot, and I doubt I would care if I had a speaking role or were just getting his plane ticket in the scene)!!  Then I want to write books, or maybe write songs.....I just want to do everything.   But, for now I'm getting my degree in Medical Diagnostic Sonography.   I'm glad that I have a very supportive hubby who is always there to encourage me in whatever I do... "LoveYouB!"

Okay....that's way off of the subject I was intending to write out.   Anyways, this is my first blog.  I hope to write many, many more others in this upcoming NewYear!!   I hope that people will read what I post and like what I have to say.....if not I really don't care this is really for me!  So yeah we'll see where this thing leads me.

That's it for now.....

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