Thursday, December 30, 2010

Really? Pajama Jeans!

Okay, they had a segment about this on the news this morning!!   What has this world come to!!  Well it's now filled with snuggies of all colors and Pajama Jeans!!   Really, if you buy and wear pajama jeans, outside the privacy of your home, I'm sorry but you're a sad, sad person!!  Oh and lazy!!  That's just my opinion!  I mean who doesn't like to wear real comfy jeans.  And....I'd rather pay almost $40.00 for a real pair of jeans!

I have to do some more thinking about this product,  but here is the tag line for Pajama Jeans!!

PajamaJeans are so amazingly comfortable you'll want to sleep in them!   (hence the pajama part, you're supposed to sleep in them)

Perfect for traveling, excersise,  shopping and more!  (really...i don't think so)

I just don't know anymore....☺  Since when has fashion become sooo lazy style!  It's not cute to see people with slippers or pajama pants in the store at, Oh let's say 2 in the afternoon. 

Okay, I'll write again in a bit!!

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  1. don't people know that if you wear too much of the stretchy material it will jus grow with you, then people wonder why they are getting so fat.


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