Sunday, October 26, 2014

It's Fall yall!

Well, I've totally failed on posting this year!  This is my 5th post for this whole year. 

I do have an excuse....see there's this kid and well he kinda stole my heart! Not to mention my time, my attention,  my every waking moment.  Not only are we trying to raise this child correctly,  I'm trying not to be a helicopter mom. He's a boy, he's going to get bumps and bruises.  Want to eat dirt, or yank a fist full of cat fur and hurriedly try to stick it in his mouth,  lol! 

Also,  no one said that being a sahm is all glitter and rainbows. It's hard work too.  Sometimes I find it much easier to nap and snuggle with my little one, than to wash dishes, do laundry, make a bed. But,  I can't have a pig sty,  so I try to do what I can. Having a mobile baby just make things a bit more challenging...crawling,  standing,  cruising - a daily worry!

He's gotten better,  hardly any bonks or falls and no hovering from this momma.   Fingers crossed, I hope he's walking before the end of the year. 

Well the holidays are almost here. How did that even happen.  I'm not going to promise any posts...I will write when I can!

Here is my mischievous little guy, he turned 9 months on the 21st. He's my everything and the hubby and I couldn't be more happy than we are now.


  1. He's a cutie!! I just returned to work after being on maternity leave. My blog was also on leave while I was gone too! :)

  2. What a cute little boy! I remember my girl started standing around 9 months, but did not start walking until just around her 1st birthday. The troubles really started after that... good luck!! :D


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