Thursday, October 17, 2013

Words and Pictures Wednesday....on a Thursday, lol!

** Well this was yesterdays post....I don't know why it didn't post. Oh well here it is!
Seems like this month is flying by just as quickly as last month did.  Here we are the 16th of October and I'm already wishing it was Thanksgiving already.....I blame the baby and Guy Fieri of the show Diners Drive-ins and Dives. I don't remember which day but the hubby and I were watching a rerun and they had the most delicious, the most mouth watering open faced turkey sandwich you have ever seen.  With all the fixings....okay I'm making my mouth water again, LOL!
Any who things are getting done.  This past weekend was Halloween Craft day with my nieces and nephews.  If you don't know I have done Halloween/Christmas craft day with them every year since they were little toddlers.  I remember when it was just the two nephews, now those same two are 9 and 8 years old.  Plus, next year I get to do crafts with our little boy!  I definitely can't wait for that day.
Planning is happening for the baby shower, almost 2 weeks away, eeek!! The invitations have been sent out.  RSVPs have been trickling in.  I think I've changed the registry up for the last time.  It was so over whelming. 
TheHubs and I will be getting the dresser this weekend. So we can finish up the nursery.  It's all coming together now.  I can't believe it, there will be a baby in there in a few short months.  Next month we will also have a maternity photo shoot done, I'm really excited about that, so is theHubs.
Well here are a few pics that I have to show you on the Pics and Words Wednesday......
This would be Ms.Betty FurPants, she believes she is human.  She is spoiled and thinks everything we eat she has to taste test. This is one crazy cat!
Fall has begun, which usually means so does baking....Sadly being pregnant, tired and even more tired - Anything that needs to be in the oven has to be easy.  So, sadly no baked goods from scratch right now. This momma is exhausted!!

Here is baby Vincent and myself... 26 weeks which means 6 ½ months.  My ankles look swollen but they're not.  I sprained my ankle pretty bad a couple years's never looked the same, lol!!

Pregnancy Questionnaire
How far along: 26 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 3.6 lbs.....

Maternity clothes: Definitely

Stretch marks: Nope

Sleep: I'm up to 5 pillows now...but I can sleep through the night without getting up to pee!!

Best moment last week: Just feeling him move around.

Movement: lots of punching and kicking! 

Food cravings: Spicy, Spicy, Spicy.....I can't get enough!
Food aversions:  lettuce & sweet or sugary stuff (boohoo) < still all the same!
Gender: BOY

Labor signs: I've started having Braxton Hicks contractions....I hope they stay light until it's really time. 

Belly button - in or out? still in
What I miss: Seeing my toes....they are officially gone from my view.
What I am looking forward to: My baby shower.

Milestones: Almost reaching the third trimester.  Time has flown by.

Thanks for stopping by!!  Have a fabulous week!

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