Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Words and Pictures Wednesday

Dear August.....why are you leaving us so soon?  Yes you've been a hot one, yes summer will come to an end but time is moving too quickly.   
For me anyways....
I'm almost at the half way point in my pregnancy, I remember just wanting to reach the 8th week, then the 12th week.  Now I'm half way there.  We've been preparing the baby's room.  We put the crib together....I almost cried!!  I can't believe that I will have a tiny little person in there, that will need me for everything. <tear>  Soon, I will start sewing for the baby....I just have to decide on fabrics! (",)
Here's a quick pic from Instagram......
I wonder how much longer before I can't see my feet anymore!

Pregnancy Questionnaire

How far along: 18 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 0 lbs.... still no weight gain!

Maternity clothes: Definitely

Stretch marks: Nope

Sleep: Taking forever to fall asleep

Best moment last week: Being able to see my grandmother for her 76th birthday.  This was the first time to see me since I told her I was pregnant.

Movement: lots of swishing going on! 

Food cravings: Seafood, spicy foods, watermelon, and chocolate milk
Food aversions:  lettuce & sweet or sugary stuff (boooooo) 
Gender: We found out on Tuesday!!  We are beyond excited, annnnndddd I have to keep it a secret for 3 more weeks!!  I told theHubs I don't know if I can do that!

Labor signs: None, thank goodness.

Belly button - in or out? in 

What I miss: energy

What I am looking forward to: Finishing up the baby's room.

Milestones: 18 weeks and loving every minute of it!

Thanks for stopping by.....everyone have a fabulous day!

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