Thursday, August 16, 2012

So I did make a promise.....

To show off some pictures from our vacation last month.  Well I have yet to download pictures from my cameras.  I am notorious for it.  Ask my family....I can have pictures on my cameras for months.  So sad!! lol!  

Well, what I will show you are some random pictures that I was able to get with my phone before the battery died.....\("o)/ nooooooooooooo!  If you follow on Instagram @fifiybr you've probably seen these before and they're not the best of the don't judge.

Quite a bit of you can just scroll thru if you don't feel like reading any descriptions.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Driving down I-10 East, lots of wetland.

Driving through the French Quarter.

Walking around the French Quarter, this was one of my favorite things to see.  Balconies filled with plants.  I loved just walking around, plus I was trying to find out where Brad and Angelina live. No luck!! lol!!

Inside the St. Louis Cathedral near Jackson Square.  Beautiful stained glass everywhere.

We had brunch at Cafe Du Monde!  YUMMY!!
Beignets and Cafe Au Lait

Stopped by and bought stuff in the French Market.

We had a visit from swarms of Mayflies off of the Mississippi.  My pic does not even show the amounts that were gathered on street signs, lights or buildings. The news said that this was the biggest swarm ever seen in years.

Visiting one of the many shops off of Decatur St.  I think this was the Pepper Palace.

The fountain in Spanish Plaza by the River Walk.  It is surrounded with seals of the provinces of Spain.  We would have walked around to see them all, but it was really rainy those days, there was water every where and I had flip flops on....not good.

Okay....I do not, I repeat do not eat oysters.  But I will forever eat charbroiled oysters.   We stopped by Drago's which are known for their charbroiled oysters.....YUMMMMMMM!  Believe me they are the best.

This is definitely not the best picture, but its a pic of the Bienville Statue.

 Beautiful bridge crossing the Baton Rouge port.

On our way home we made a stop in Lake Charles....L'Auberge du Lac Casino Resort. I love this place, it's really very lovely. The rooms are awesome, the staff is great and great shows.  We just played slots.  I didn't become a millionaire, but we did stuff our faces at the Le Beaucoup Buffet.  TheHubs and I had points on our PlayerCards so instead of paying 20+ bucks per person we only payed  3 bucks and change total...woo hoo!!

Finally, crossing state lines!!

More familiar territory.  So happy to almost be home.

We had a fabulous time there.  We hope to go back again maybe next month.  

Thanks for stopping by!  
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  1. I can see you had great time! I have not been to New Orleans for years, your post makes me want to visit!

  2. hi fifi. i want to thank you SO incredibly much for your thoughtful and sweet words on my last post. it means so much to me and your words truly touched me. thank you!! :)
    it looks like you had an amazing time in new orleans. my friend just went in the spring and loved it. it looks so charming. and ohmygosh, the food looks so good!
    i also loved your post above about the lime syrup! those snow cones look amazing...i have been craving things just like that lately.
    i hope you enjoyed your weekend. have a fabulous day!!
    maria <3

  3. p.s.- just started following you on instagram! :)


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