Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Birthday to.........

The most beautiful, the most awesome, the most loving, one of the most important persons in my life -

My Mom!! 

I love you!

She wouldn't want me to share her I won't.  But she has raised 3 beautiful daughters (myself included, lol) and 1 handsome son.  She is a grandma to 7 real kids and 3!!  Does this woman look like a grandma to you? Most won't believe it, lol. 

I hope that she has a wonderful and blessed day.

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  1. Hi Fifi,

    Your mother? Grandma You look like sisters! CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    Hugs from Portugal

    Ana Love Craft

  2. Awwwww ... what a nice post for your mom! Hope she had a great birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mom, she's a lovely lady!


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