Monday, January 30, 2012

Just call me Ms. FancyPants!

Look who got all festive and fancy Sunday afternoon!!!

Okay, this is not me - obviously.  But, I could have totally rocked this big flower on my head .....face paint - not so much!

This is me in my Sunday's finest!

feathers+flowers+pearls+hotglue = cuteness!!

 Okay, Okay....not really.  This is me in my fancy Fascinator that I made!  I was invited to a birthday Tea Party for my aunt.   The invite said wear Big hats, Lovely pearls and cute heels!!  I didn't want to wear a hat so I made this!  2 people won a gift for best dressed and "I" was one of the 2......YAY!!!

I think I want to make more to wear!! I love wearing   stuff on my head - hats, bow, flowers.....I like to dress up.  It was easy to make as well.

Thanks for stopping by!! 

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