Friday, September 2, 2011

This isn't your ordinary pet rock!!

This is another cute project that I made! Of course Mod-Podge was involved!!  I couldn't help myself!! lol!
 Is it a pet rock??? paper weight??  garden decor?   Well it could be whatever you want it to be!!

Here's what was used:
craft paint/brush
foam sticker-hummingbird
fine point marker
Mod-podge/foam brush 
magazine pages-flowers
paper plate

No, you are not looking at a potato!! It's a big rock that I found in one of my  flower beds.  I'm sure that there's a difference between a rock and a stone, but everything is a rock to me, lol!  Well I have no idea where it came from , since all of our beds are lined with moss rocks.
This was just there one day.... ¯\(ˆˆ¸)/¯  <--I don't know!! But, if it's in my yard it's mine now!

I used a hummingbird sticker and placed it where I wanted.
Luckily this  rock was smooth and had a semi flat bottom, so it was perfect.
(the rock was washed and air dried the night before)

Using my fine Sharpie I carefully traced around the foam sticker.  
(please excuse  Ms. SausageHands Mcgee)  I have little fat!!

After carefully tracing around I then removed the sticker!!
I was  thinking about leaving it on and continue.

Here is my handy-dandy little brush that I used.  I just squeezed a couple of drops  of the color that I chose onto the paper plate.  (this is not pictured)

I carefully painted in my tracing.  That tiny little pink dot is where I'll paint the  eye.   

All done....well with the painting part! 

Mod-podge time!! ☺  I cut out some pages of Lilacs from a magazine  and arranged the pieces on the rock. I put some on the  side like the hummingbird was taking the sap and I put it along the back side too.


I applied about 2 coats of Mod-Podge.  I left it to dry over night since I was too tired  to sit there and watch it dry!! lol!

Pretty cute huh?!?!  Since the bottom is pretty flat, I cut out a oval shape from the felt and just hot glued it on.   Just in case it stays in the house as decoration.  I don't want any scratches on my furniture!

Sorry for the blurry pic!!  I wanted to see it near my plants by the window.

Well here is the finished project!!  I think it came out really cute.  I didn't take a picture of the back but it came out nicely.  I haven't decided what I want to do with it.  Paper weight, garden decor, or just a cute decoration for somewhere in my house.

Well take a stroll outdoors and see what you can find.......let a rock inspire you!

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  4. This is a very clever idea. I'm always finding rocks like these on the beach near where I live and you've given me a great idea.

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  5. Looks like a good project for our wkd full of playdates. Thanks for sharing on Wild Wkd Hop.

  6. Yay for modge podge! (I know I say/spell it wrong!) I use the stuff all the time for my projects as well.

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