Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This is my Pinterest Board! ☺

Slowly but surely I've been working on my craft room!! I'm about half way done with everything......which is good because I'm kind of getting burned out with the project, lol!!!  I have to many ideas of how I want it to look, but then I'll see something else that inspires there goes my ideas.  With that in mind I decided to make myself a big ole' idea board!! <---My Pin-it Board! I can print out ideas and pin them to the board, color swatches, sketches or anything that interests me or gives me an idea.

Here is how I made mine, you can make yours how ever you want.

I love it! The dimensions are 36 x 32 inches!

Here is what I used:
Wall screws
Hole punch tool

I used some scrap cardboard that I was able to get from my job.  

Using the masking tape I put the pieces of cardboard together , then added the strapping  tape over that seam.

Then I taped all the seams again, and added more tape across the entire  piece for more support.

Here are all the pieces taped together.  It's 6 small pieces taped to make this big piece.  I made (2) of the big pieces and alinged and taped them together to make the board thick.  Also the pins or tacks won't go through to the wall.
Here is the fabric I chose.   It was pack to make jammie pants, but I knew I wanted it for something else.
(bonus: I get a pattern to make jammie pants.) 

Here I arranged it on the floor, because my table wasn't big enough for it.

I set the cardboard down to see if it would be enough fabric witdth  wise. I just cut where I knew there was enough to fold down 2-3 inches.

Gave it a quick press, to take out all of the fold lines.

Now, it fit on the table.  I arranged the fabric with the cardboard on top, now I'm ready to tape!

I just taped down along the sides and then I folded and taped down the edges like so.

Flipped it over to check out my work!

Using the hole punch tool (I'm not even sure that's what it's called, lol)  I measured and punched a hole through.
I ended up punching (8) holes.  The extra holes were for the wall screws.

Here is the ribbon that I had, I'm glad it matched.
Here I used the hole punch tool to push the edge of the fabric through the hole, just enough to where I could pull it through.  I inserted the ribbon from the back to come out of the front.

Pulling out about 4 inches on both sides, I just made a knot to secure it .

With the knot in place I made a little rosette and  just pinned it  through.
Just in case I want to change the ribbon or  take it off completely.

Once the ribbon was secured I hung it on the wall from the top with the  ribbon.  
Then I secured the sides and bottom with the wall screws.

I hope you like it....
and if you don't oh well....
it's in my craft room not yours!! lol!!

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  1. great how to post!

    new follower from blog hop

  2. I just found you by blog hopping. I followed you on GFC. I wish I was a crafty person but I am not lol.

    Hope you will stop by @

  3. So cute! I love how you worked in the rosettes too!

  4. Would love it if you would link this up at my turquoise lovin' party going on right now!!

  5. LOve this idea and the Rosettes!!!

  6. Really cute. Love the little rosettes.

  7. I think it looks fab! I could do with one of these, but there's a lot of work getting my craft room sorted out first!

  8. Hi thanks for stopping by and joining in! I actually quite like your board...the fabric is very cheery and I guess you can pin straight to it...fab! The rosettes are a very cute detail!

  9. thank you all for the wonderful comments!! I really enjoyed making this!! ☺♥

  10. This is a really good idea. I bet you could use box cardboard too, and you could use it in any room,not just a craft room. I'm a new follower from Happy Hour.:)

  11. Found you on Happy Hour Freestyle Friday, loving this post! I'm a new follower, stop by and say Hi if you get a chance

    PS...just wondering if you are on pinterst?

  12. Just hopping along.....follow back @ and on facebook @ ....join our Wacky Weekend Hop too!

  13. Cool idea! I'm jealous - I want a craft room! Thanks for sharing.

  14. I've been working on the never-ending process of doing my craftroom too. For the record-I like it. The fabric kinda matches your blog.

  15. I really love that board! Love the fabric you chose. thanks for sharing this cute project with us. Have a lovely day.


  16. The great work you done with those cardboard. As per my view, you done a best job with the old stuffs. I'm a one of the newest follower from Happy Hour.


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