Monday, September 12, 2011

I finally finished my decorative petal pillow......

and guess what!!  I didn't realize that I was out of stuffing..... ugh I was super annoyed last night!!  I was prepared to get it stuffed and ready for decorative duty! Nope!  It's on my list of things that I need to get.

So I will go ahead and just show you the "flat version", it's still very pretty! <---in my opinion, lol!!

I know everyone has made a petal pillow in blog land! I've seen them at the stores as well!!  Who ever created them first, well we just may never know!!  The majority of them that I have seen have been made with felt of all colors.  Mine was made from Olive Green Velveteen upholstery cloth!  It was free-cycle item that I picked up one day, I had not idea what I was gonna do with it, but i knew I wanted it.  I saw one at Target and immediately said....hey I can make that!!  So I started on it like in April and then forgot about it....not really I just got really busy with other things so it went into my things to finish pile! I started working on it Saturday night and finished Sunday night.  This is when I realized I had no more stuffing!!  ugh....don't you wish HobbyLobby was open 24hrs like Walmart is?

So, now that it is like 95% complete, here is the picture story of how it was made!

My Petal Pillow!
I drew and cut out a small template and just traced onto the back or the fabric with a marker,  and since I'm a big dummy I used a red marker too! lol!! Then I cut out like a million petals....I sure did get a cramp in my hand.

Lots of arranging was going on......
More rearranging....  I didn't want to make it exactly like the one's I had seen.    I don't follow rules or patterns,  I like to eyeball everything.  I like to make and disassemble it until its what I like.  That's what makes it unique!  lol! 
I was finally happy with this arrangement.  If you really look , the center is not really centered!!  
I put a little fold on ever petal.
I sewed across, then did a back stitch.
See, I did this to all million petals! ☺
Here is the stitch that I used....thank goodness for my fancy-schmancy  sewing machine!
With correct sides facing each other I sewed across the edges, with a 1/4 seam allowance.
I also did a back stitch at each corner (+).
I made sure I left a 5-6 inch opening, so I can get that flower to come out.
 I also back stitched at the edges of the opening I didn't want it to unravel.
Clipped the corners, making sure I didn't cut the stitching.
Now that it's turned right side out, I can start to glue down the petals.  This  fabric is kind of floppy , not stiff and sturdy like the felt would have been.  The glue helped me adjust the petal  so that it wouldn't be just laying flat on one another.  Plus gluing down the petal helped with the not showing of the red marker....oopsies!! (only some petals showed the red
Starting at the very bottom layer I glued the tip down, allowing the petal to kind of  balloon in the center.  Then just moved on to the next level till they were all glued.
For the center I cut out a 5 pointed petal, I just eyeballed it here.  It didn't need to be perfect .  Then I just folded it in  it's center till I got the shape I wanted.
After getting the shape that I wanted, I sewed (3) stitches to the back part.
I then just used my hot glue gun and glued down the center flower, then I glued down my little gem for the center.
I ♥ the way my flower came out.
I love how the flower is not centered and looks like it's bursting  from  the right corner.
It's a pretty big decorative pillow.  About 17 x 21 inches.

When I finally get my stuffing, I will be sure to re-edit this post with a new pic!!  Well I hope you've enjoyed my pics. anyway


  1. wow...very talented...that is very awesome....I love flowers..but don't think I could sew...great job...can't wait to see it stuffed...

  2. lol, thanks!! I love flowers too!

  3. Very creative and oh so beautiful Fifi!

  4. I hate when that happens! :( I always start crafts and then realize im missing something..Def. pretty though!!

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    those photos are awesome!!

  6. Thanks Judy!

    Barbie- yeah it really sucks when that happens.

    Chavonne, thanks for the follow. I'm returning the follow as well.

  7. What a cute craft!!! Can't wait to see it stuffed!

    I am a new follower!

  8. This is a beautiful pillow! Great job!

  9. That's really pretty! Great work!
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  10. Thanks for following me over on my blog! What a cute pillow ~ I love it!


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