Friday, September 9, 2011

FridayFinds 9/9

So my adventure was at Lowes today!!  Found a couple of items not too much.  So go and check out your local Lowes to see what you find!

*If you checked out my Mod-Podge tea-light holder here, you will find that Lowes carries Curtains here in the same print.  It's really cute. They come in Blue and Black!

Okay here are my Friday Finds in the clearance sections of Lowes:

knobs.....and who doesn't need knobs! ☺
Too bad there was only (1) fish knob....these were only .25¢ from $4.97
The ones in the center were .50¢ from $5.00, there were only 2 of those.
The brass little ones were only .42¢, from $1.25, I grabbed about 10 of these... Not to bad.
The little clasp in the baggie was only .25¢, not sure how much it was.

I have no idea what I'll be using these for, maybe changing out some current knobs around the house!  For sure I'll be spray painting these babies! lol!!  I also bought spray bad these weren't on sale!

Let me know what good deals you find over the weekend!!!  


  1. I live at Lowes, they have so many great things! I seriously love that place! I'm a new follower from the weekend blog hop, check me out and follow back at

  2. I love the fish knob, so very cute.
    Thanks for the visit and follow. Following back via GFC.

  3. New GFC follower from the Weekend Hop - Love your blog!


  4. Hi following you from the weekend hop! I love great clearance finds!

  5. The fish knob is cool! A new follower from the blog hop,



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