Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Finds!

Good Morning everyone!  Just thought I'd share my FridayFinds for the last Friday in September!  I got some great stuff on my trip to Target!!  I still have many more hours of searching to go, so who knows what else I will find today!

Look at my pile of goodies!

Here are some sheer panels for my craft room.  There were 14.99 and I got them for 3.54.

New lamp and dry erase board for my craft room.
The lamp was 9.99 and I only paid  2.99 for it.
 I only paid 2.50 for the dry erase board.

Here are some candles and a  king size bed set for my bedroom.  The candles were  12.99 and 6.99 I only paid  2.39 and 1.75 for them.  The bed set was 39.99 and I only paid 9.99 for it!!  This hot pink really doesn't go with my bed room but, 10 bucks for any king size sheet set is a deal!! -Score!!

Clothes.....who doesn't like clothes?  I'm not gonna go  into much detail but each item
was less than 7 bucks.  I got  2 nice tops to wear now, 1 hoodie to wear when I go jogging,
see that zebra looking fabric - well it's turning into a infinity scarf and last but not least,
the blue thing at the right end of  the pic.  This is a dress and it was only 1.97 so I bought four!!
 Can you say "RE-FASHIONING"

I put up my dry erase board and put it to work!
here's what I wrote:
  1. Finish my craft room
  2. Buy a new dry-erase marker
  3. Hang up my new curtains ☺
  4. Think about stuff to make
  5. Finish Christmas Gifts!!!
  6. Label everything in here 
  7. Get Enough Sleep!! ☺ 
 (How is #7 possible when I craft and create at night?) lol!

Well I hope that everyone enjoys their weekend!! Make sure you get all your Fall decor up...I know I will!


  1. Fab finds! Great job! I promise, tomorrow evening, all fall stuff goes out!
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  2. Good finds! I did some target clearance on my lunch break yesterday!

  3. I Love Target...always there.
    New follower stopping by from Happy Go Lucky blog hop..come by and check out my blog.

  4. Great deals! I'm going shopping tomorrow - I hope I find some deals like these!

  5. We just got home from Target, got some great clearance items!!
    I'm following you back from Life With Two Boys :)

  6. Oooo, I'm anxious to see how you will re-fashion the dresses! You got some great deals and I'm totally with you on the $10 bed set!!


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