Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Am I tired....nah, just lazy!! ☺

I'm sooooo 'ing this weather!!  Yay for cooler temps!!!

This type of weather makes me lazy.......

yessss, I would so do this if I could!! hahaha!

While being super lazy this week, I have a basket of tops that I've been debating to finish!! They're about to become cardigans!!  Well I really shouldn't say About, cause all that I've done to them is cut them open down the front.  Hubby thinks I'm nuts, oh well!! I better start and show him, huh!!!

Who doesn't like a nice cardigan or two or 50, lol!!!  I love them!! All colors, designs and I like to add embellishments too!!  oooh...maybe the laziness will leave me with all the excited-ness <---- yes, that's my word... that I have thinking about cardigans.... I ♥ them, well they come in second....I'm a loon for scarves, yup!!

My favorite look for the winter is a cute cardigan, over a cuter top, with the most AWESOMEST <---- yes, another  of my made-up words.......scarf and a nice pair of jeans!!

So what is your favorite thing to wear during the cooler/colder months??


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  2. Hi! Stopping by here from the Terrific Thursday blog hop. I'm a new follower, hope you will follow back :)

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  3. Following back from Free eBooks Daily . I look forward to reading your posts.

  4. I like cardigans...haven't wore them in years though....thanks for following...and commenting...following you back....

  5. I just love to wear long sleeve shirts. I have so many cute ones, and not many cute short sleeves, so I'm always anxious for it to get cold again. Sadly, it's still in the 100s here. We have another month or so to go until it gets a bit cooler. :(

    I'm a new follower! Hope you can stop by

  6. I love sweaters and boots. I cannot wait for it to cool down. I'm a new follower from the hop.


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